Krystyna C. Laycraft


I Ching - The Book of Changes 

   For two years (2008-2009), I had immersed myself in the study of the "I Ching." It is the greatest Chinese classic ever written and became the foundation of both the Taoist and Confucian philosophies. The "I Ching" delineates a system of archetypal symbols called hexagrams. Hexagrams depict every possible human situation as a sequence of continual transformations from chaos to order and again from order to chaos. 

    For me, contemplating the "I Ching" sixty-four hexagrams was like going through an entire human life and experiencing a variety of life situations. These might include overcoming difficulties, breaking bad habits, experiencing meditative states, making decisions, experiencing powerful emotions, and being creative. To acquire a better understanding of hexagrams, I created sixty-four collages and applied to them some of my own photographs taken while journeying through many different countries.