Krystyna C. Laycraft


Creativity as an Order through Emotions

    During 2009-2012, I  was working on the doctoral dissertation "The Development of Creativity: Study of Creative Adolescents and Young Adults." During that time I created collages expressing the five levels of human development based of the Theory of Positive Disintegration.  In these collages, I applied fragments of Polish paintings such as those created by Zdzislaw Beksinski, Jerzy Duda Gracz, Wojciech Weiss, and Jacel Malczewski. 

    Creativity is a complex phenomenon and understanding it requires analysis from different perspectives. Creativity can be studies from four major perspectives: the subjective, intersubjective, objective, and inter-objective.  

     I also created collages representing the six participants of my study: Stephanie- The Scuba Diver, Krista - The Contortionist, Eton- The Spiritual Artist, Marsha - The Journalist, Jade - The Art Teacher, and Alasdair - The Young Composer.