Krystyna C. Laycraft


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    Our book, "Acceptance: The Key to a Meaningful Life" is a mother- daughter cooperation, which gave us a lot of joy and satisfaction. 

    We have shown in this book that acceptance is not only an attitude to a specific situation in which we find ourselves, but also, an outlook toward our lives. 

    Acceptance, when merged with other emotions, creates emotional patterns, such as resourcefulness, curiosity, friendliness, love, and mindfulness, which make our lives rich and meaningful.  

Published by Nucleus Learning, Calgary, Alberta, 2019

(In Polish)

      Książka, "Odwaga Decydowania" jest moją intelektualną podrożą poprzez wiele filozoficznych podejść do procesu podejmowania decyzji

 Przez zastosowanie tych idei, byłam w stanie przeegzaminować własne decyzje i zrozumieć ich wpływ na moje życie. 

      Mam nadzieje, ze praca moja zainspiruje innych do głębszej refleksji nad własnym życiem i zastanowieniem się nad rolą decyzji w przebiegu ich życia. 

Published by Nucleus Learning, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, 2017

  The book, "Their Lives: Marysia and Zygmunt," presents a touching love story involving two young people in Pre-War Poland and during the Second World War. 

    The context of this story delves into the Polish cultural, social and political narratives of these times. 

     The author juxtaposed the genuine feelings and experiences of these young people with the turbulent events in Poland. Their deep and lasting love brought a miracle in their lives. 

Published by AwareNow Publishing, Victoria, BC, Canada, June 2016

(In Polish)

 Książka, “Ich Losy: Marysia i Zygmunt,” przedstawia wzruszającą historię miłosną dwojga młodych ludzi na tle wydarzeń kulturalnych, społecznych i politycznych w przedwojennej Warszawie i w czasie drugiej wojny światowej.

    Książka ta jest połączeniem prawdy o uczuciach tych młodych ludzi z wyobraźnią autorki o ich doświadczeniach w tym burzliwym okresie historycznym.

In the book, "The Courage to Decide,"  I've presented my intellectual journey through the theories of many philosophers. During this journey, I've contemplated and examined my life through the light of their ideas. This process has given me clarity about decision-making and its importance in our lives.

    Through the courage to decide, we're able to experience freedom, novelty, and understanding. We're then able to orient ourselves to the future and change our vision into reality. 

    Through the courage to decide, we're able to transcend aging and the ravages of disease and replace them by psychological growth. We're then able to develop our creativity and become more compassionate. 

    Through the courage to decide, we create ourselves and the world around us. Simply  put, the courage to decide is the ultimate act of creation.  

Published by AwareNow Publishing (, Victoria, BC,     Canada, June 2015

The illustrations and stories of the book “A Journey through the Lands of Feelings” help children to identify and express their emotions. 

Children can learn how to respond to difficult and challenging situations that evoke strong feelings of fear, rejection, and anger. 

They may also learn how important are feelings of acceptance, joy, and friendliness in their lives. 

This book encourages parents and educators to talk about children’s emotions and to teach them understanding and dealing with their feelings.

Published by AwareNow Publishing (, Victoria, BC, Canada, October 2014

The book, “Feeling Life,” has emerged through a process of reflective meditation. I reflected upon and deeply explored my actions, choices, and decisions. My persistence in the process of understanding, interpreting and evaluating led to the discovery of unexpected and surprising aspects of my life. I discovered a richness of emotions I’d experienced during the significant events in my life and learned how these emotions guided me through complex, difficult and challenging situations.

    I organize this book into twenty chapters that contain the special emotional events from my life. At the end of each chapter, I summarize and analyze the emotions that were experienced during the specific episode, and then generate the emotional patterns by applying Plutchik's Theory of Emotions. The patterns served as a conceptual tool to enhance an understanding of the role of emotions in my life.

Published by AwareNow Publishing (, Victoria, BC, Canada, June 2014 

The book, "Creativity as an Order through Emotions," contains five stories involving creative young people. The author analyzes their psychological growth and the role of creativity in their lives.

Creativity has many different functions:

  • Creativity becomes a way to escape from unfriendly or brutal environments.
  • Creativity becomes an outlet for internal tensions and conflicts.
  • Creativity transforms negative emotions into positive ones.
  • Creativity becomes a source of emotions such as interest, joy, acceptance, curiosity, delight, enthusiasm, passion, and love.
  • Creativity generates meaningfulness and purpose.
  • Creativity enhances emotional, cognitive, and spiritual growth and leads to good life choices.
  • Creativity promotes the growth of resourcefulness, optimism, confidence and pride.
  • Creativity reinforces sensitivity, not only to human issues but often to wider problems of the natural world.

This book encourages parents and educators to look at the creativity of young people much more seriously as a tool for enriching their lives, opening up new possibilities for them, and greatly extending their vision of themselves and the world they live in.

First Edition - Published by AwareNow Publishing (, Victoria, BC, Canada, September 2013

Second Edition - Published by Promontory Press (, Victoria, BC, Canada, May 2014