Krystyna C. Laycraft



KL Emotional Consulting

  Greater Awareness - Meaningful Life 

   Krystyna holds a Master of Science from the University of Warsaw and a Ph.D. in Education from the University of Calgary. She brings  both practical and academic knowledge to her consulting.  Her expertise is based on a 30+ year career working with adolescents and adults in Poland and Canada. 

    Krystyna  delivers seminars and workshops that include topics related to emotional needs of adolescents and adults, the role of creativity in their psychological development and the process of decision-making. 



   Seminars and Workshops 

       1. Emotional Needs of Adolescents & Adults 

       2. Psychological Development of Adolescents 

       3. The Adolescent Brain Development 

       4. The Role of Creativity in the Adolescent Development


       5. Acceptance & Creativity: The Antidote to Adolescents' Suffering 

       6. The Importance of Decision-Making 

       7. Writing Your Own Life Story

       For information or registration please email me: